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Tye Sturgeon

Your Cowboy

Starting in his hometown of Batesville, Arkansas & into all 48 lower states to Benefit Western Wishes.
One Young Man & one Horse will make a solo ride

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    1 Horse, 1 Cowboy & 2,000 miles under saddle already as they ride onward raising money for children.

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  • Meet Tye & Edward

    Meet me & Edward, and learn about the history on how we came together for our journey.

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    A very special thanks to all my sponsors that support me & Edward with our cause.

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Tye Sturgeon is started his ride in 2014 at age 19 turning 20 on the trail April 8th and knows a bit about having a wish. All of his life he wanted to be a Cowboy, Horsemen and a Pro Bronco rider. Even though he did not make it to the pro circuit he did get to rodeo for awhile. Sadly due to injuries he had to give that dream up. Yet, he feels blessed that God gave him the chance to live it at all and helped him create a new dream.

Knowing there are so many young people out there that do not get this same blessing, has inspired Tye to make an Epic Journey. He plans, with the help of his horse Edward, to ride into all 48 Lower States to earn Money for Western Wishes. Western Wishes is an amazing charity that, “since 1994 helps turn dreams into lasting memories for countless kids faced with adversity who love the western way of life.” Please visit their website to learn more about Western Wishes and their great program. Tye is looking forward to meeting some of the Western Wishes kids that he can find along his journey.

Tye’s heartfelt goal would be to earn a Million Dollars as that is what the kids they help deserve. But knowing times are tough he is setting his starting goal at a more modest $30,000. He is collecting pledges to be paid to Western Wishes once his ride is completed. If you would like to make a pledge please visit our Pledge page. Additionally, please help support the businesses and people that have made pledges. They are listed on our Support page.

As Tye makes his way throughout America he wants to connect with people on a personal level and hear the wishes of the people he meets. Many of those wishes will be posted on our American Wishes Page that enables us to all help one another, neighbor to neighbor, like the American spirit always has. You can participate in the journey while Tye (and sometimes Edward) post updates and Video of their Adventures and the nice people they meet along the way.

If you are willing to help Tye and Edward along the way, check out his route and wish list to see when they will be close to you. Perhaps you can help him out with a warm meal, some hay or a safe place to rest.   Everyone has a wish. What is yours?  Saddle up and ride with us when we get to your city.

Your Cowboy, Tye Sturgeon.
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